7 Recessed or Surface Vertical Mailbox

7 Recessed or Surface Vertical Mailbox

  • Vertical mailbox with 7 doors, front load, fully recessed
  • Ideal replacement mailboxes for smaller tenant apartments
  • USPS Approved 4B+ for replacement and/or retrofit installations
  • Striated doors to resist scratching
  • Fully recessed mailbox for in wall installation

  • Description


FOR REPLACEMENT USE. NOT FOR NEW PROJECTS. Vertical mailbox with 7 doors, front load, fully recessed. Florence vertical mailboxes are the perfect fit for small multi family replacement and/or retrofit installations.

USPS Approval: USPS Approved for replacement use only. Not USPS approved for New Construction or Major Renovation projects
Loading and Mounting: Front loading for full in wall mounting
Tenant Doors: Tenant doors include 5-pin cam lock with 2 keys each
Outgoing Mail: Outgoing mail compartment with slot, anti-fish comb for security, and protective hood is located above USPS access door for convenient outgoing mail collection
Door Identification: Number and name slot with paper cards for field identification of apartment name and tenant number supplied for each tenant door