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My Package Concierge®

The New Secure, Personal Home Package Management Amenity Designed to Accept Packages from any Delivery Carrier

About My Package Concierge

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MyPackageConcierge® is a locking package receptacle for secure package delivery and storage designed to seamlessly integrate in an exterior wall of the home.  As online shipping continues to rise, package deliveries are becoming more frequent and often get left sitting out in the open inviting theft.

With MyPackageConcierge® packages are securely locked away from porch pirates, and protected from rain and other harmful elements.

Unlike a locking curbside mailbox, MyPackageConcierge® is designed to integrate seamlessly into the exterior of your new home so only the homeowner and parcel courier know it’s there. 

Equipped with an easy to use mechanical lock – dead batteries and power shutdowns won't interrupt its use. Best of all, MyPackageConcierge® works with any carrier and is large enough to accept multiple large packages at a time! 

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